Gümüşhane'nin Pestilcisi Sultan Pestil

About Us

Our company, which has been following a policy of continuous development since its establishment, took the first step towards institutional culture by incorporating in 2009. Starting with our small workshop with an area of 180m2, our company continues to provide services with our new integrated facility with an area of 1100m2 as of today. In order to be a pioneer in our industry and produce quality products, all of our products are produced using 1st quality raw materials under the supervision of our food engineer and with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, our company operates in the market with 5 registered trademarks obtained from the Turkish Patent Institute, as well as internationally recognized documents such as the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Food Production Permit Certificates, ISO 22000.

  • Mission.
    As Sultan Pestil Family, to become a leading company in the Pestil-Köme Sector in the Turkish and World markets and to provide service as a corporate company with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Vision.
    To become the largest, highest quality, and consumer-protecting Pestil-Köme company in the growing Pestil-Köme Sector.
Let’s obey traffic rules. Instead of getting fined, let’s enjoy some pestil.